The Truth Is, I'm Not Happy With My Friends


How do you feel about your current friends? What do you like? What do you wish would be different? 

We asked the Stigma community, and here’s what you said…

“I personally don’t have many friends. But the few I have try to change who I am. Whether it be my personality, my clothing, my interests, or even the way I talk. Some of them are really good friends, but a lot of them are quite toxic. It’s tough to get out of them, because those friendships have been going on since I was really little.”

“Some friends are annoying, and one of them is dishonest with me. Sometimes, I feel I don’t have friends. I laugh and talk, but I can’t confide in people. I wish people could be more honest. Honesty will be appreciated.”

Looking for supportive peers you can confide in? Find them on the Stigma app here.

This app is literally a social network in a way, for people struggling with the same problems. I love it. I love that we can all come together almost anonymously and accept one another as who we are on the inside, and help each other grow in our own ways. You are all beautiful people.

“I adore my current friends. What each of us has gone through has only drawn us closer to each other, and the amount of love and care that we share for each other shakes away any sort of doubt I carry. I am eternally grateful for the friends who choose to stand by me.”

“I wish my friends respected me more. I’m frequently passed over when they do social things. I know they’re well aware of my loneliness. I imagine them complaining about how annoying I am whenever I’m brought up or considered for an invite. I wish I cared about it less.”

“What friends?”

I text more people on Stigma than my friends. It's because my PenPals and I have more to talk about than my friends and I. I feel like I can talk about more personal stuff with these guys. It's easier to talk on this app.

“I don’t know how I feel about my current friends. I honestly wish I had better and more supportive ones. My one ‘best friend’ constantly ignores me and chooses other people over me unless she needs something or no one else is around, and it’s very hurtful. I need better people in my life.”

“I don’t have friends because I have social anxiety and am awkward.”

“I have different circles of friends. But I love the circle of friends that makes me feel like I can be myself. I dislike when my friends are passive aggressive and unpredictable. That never makes me feel secure. If something were to be changed, I would say I’d want intellectual conversations.”

“I am constantly surprised by who sticks by me in the worst situations.”