7 Important Posts from Instagram's #HereForYou Campaign

Starting vulnerable conversations around mental health


As part of Mental Health Awareness Month, Instagram launched a new campaign called #HereForYou to spark vulnerable conversations around mental health. Thousands of people from all over the world have been sharing photos and experiences about various conditions like depression, eating disorders, bipolar, and anxiety. At the same time, thousands are sharing their support.

While awareness is one important step towards eradicating the stigma around mental health, we believe in building a global community that actively provides support beyond awareness. Each of us can make a difference in creating a world that embraces those who are struggling with mental health. We can choose to not judge others, and ourselves, for the many challenges we face in life. Let’s go out of our way to be there for our friends and ask for support from those closest to us. We are all lonely sometimes, and a little bit more love and acceptance will go a long way in bringing the world closer.

Here are 7 important posts from the #HereForYou campaign:

One woman bravely shares a moment when she hit rock bottom:

A professional ballerina shares her story to those who are suffering in silence. “Knowing you’re not alone, knowing you’re not broken, that can be the difference between life and death.”

A mother shares her love and support for her son. The way a family supports you after you’re diagnosed can strongly impact how you view and cope with your condition.

The face of depression may not be what you think. There are friends around us who are suffering inside, but we may not be able to see it underneath their smiles.

A man speaks out about the difficulties of having mental illness and asking for support in the black community:

A woman shares her struggles and how she recovered and gained strength. "For months, it felt like I was living in a nightmare... After much time, love, and support I was able to find myself again. I took back my life."

This woman finds purpose through her daughter and shares how powerful gratitude can be in helping us get through the toughest days: