ANXIETY | May 31

35 Real Tips From People Who Deal with Anxiety

We Asked, You Answered

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Our community shares THEIR TIPS FOR ANXIETY

We asked the Stigma community, "What advice would you give someone who deals with the same challenge as you?" Here's what they said:

  • “Breathe, do one thing at a time, ask for help, create self-care “me” time which is ridiculously hard, prioritize, and know that you are your worst critic. Find time for mindfulness.”
  • Focus on the tiniest positive aspect throughout your struggles. It helps me to realize there is a way and a purpose through the demons I battle. No matter how tiny the victory… It IS a victory.”
  • “I struggle with feeling like I am worth someone else’s time. I would say that as long as your intent is good and you take care of yourself, you’ll always be valuable to someone else.”
  • “Keep trying different things until you find what works for you. And sometimes what works one time may not work another. Talk to friends, go on a walk, eat chocolate, and listen to upbeat music. Above all, be patient with yourself.”
  • Don’t act like everything is okay. Always try to talk to a trusted friend. And if you don’t have someone, try joining an app like Stigma where you talk to random people who have similar problems.”

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  • “Today, I realized I feel so much better on days when I get outside and experience nature, even if it’s just taking my pup to the park. It really helps relieve some anxiety and make me more grounded.”
  • “Give yourself a break. Forget what others are thinking or not thinking. It’s ok to be messy. Just don’t dwell, and remember to ask for help.”
  • “If you have anxiety or depression, I recommend having good friends to turn to. Loved ones and friends are the best medicine.”
  • “Try not to be brought down by daily disappointments. As long you are moving forward overall and making these small adjustments to better your life, you’re okay. Pat yourself on the back every day.”
  • “Take meds, exercise, go to therapy, eat healthy, go outside, stay connected, find a passion, have hobbies, and help someone else.”
  • “Keep fighting and always make room for hope.”
  • “It gets better.”
  • “Always reason it out because once you relax, nothing is ever as bad as you make them out to be in your head. Overthinking kills.
  • “This too shall pass. Tomorrow is a new day and whatever you feel right at this moment will pass. Even when it feels like the pain is so bad, that it will never go away. It can. Life goes on.”
  • “I struggle with a mild case of social anxiety, and it makes it hard for me to speak up and make friends in groups of people that I don’t know. My best advice would be to just try your hardest to speak up and be yourself in those situations, because it will help you get more comfortable in the end and have more fun. It’s easier said than done though.”
  • You are WORTHY.
  • “Don’t stress about what you can’t control right now. You will feel so much better if you take every day and strive to live it to the fullest. Use this time now to work on you and make you the best YOU possible! And when the time comes for you to take control of the situation, everything will work the way it’s supposed to.”

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  • “I put so much pressure on myself to be perfect. If I had to give anyone advice on how to deal with it, I’d say that at the end of the day, no one is going to notice all of the little things you nitpick about yourself. It’s not worth being upset over.
  • “You are worth more than you’ve been told. You don’t have to believe what has been a constant tape for years. Just stay driven and strive to obtain those goals. Set standards and never by any means give in to false promises. Trust very gently.”
  • “I struggle with not overthinking when I don’t hear from someone, so I’d say text people that you’re having those thoughts about or distract yourself by doing something creative.”
  • “Everything is temporary. This feeling will change. Your mood will change. You will change. And while it might suck now, you’ll be better because of it. Plan like you have forever, live like today is your last. And most of all, live for yourself. You only have yourself at the end of the day, and if you aren’t happy, make yourself happy. Because. You. Deserve. It.”
  • “I deal with anxiety at work and anxiety about having to work too much. I’d tell you to look at the big picture and stop focusing on the unimportant details. To relax and do your best. We are all human. When stressing about working too much, remember that you’re setting a positive example to others, like your children, and earning their respect.”
  • “Learn to realize when you are surrounded by blessings that you may take for granted. In time, it will get better and greater things will come in life. Know that you have a purpose. Surround yourself with kind people who will be there for you and uplift your spirit.”
  • “The only advice I could give is don’t give up. No matter how hard it seems and will be, don’t give up. Fight through with everything you have and more. Once you reach where you’re going, you’ll look back and be proud for fighting through. The challenge I have in mind is called LIFE. Fight through it all, and LIVE!”
  • “If you’ve come this far, hold on tighter and don’t let go. Because if you haven’t fallen already, you sure can stay unbroken.
  • “You are loved because of your bright, stunning, yet flawed personality. No one is perfect. You are worth so much more, and if I could show you how you look in my eyes, then I’d do it in a heartbeat.”
  • “Try to find activities that make you feel calm. Take moments for your mental health.”
  • “Be yourself, love yourself, pick the right friends, and don’t think about what other people say.”
  • “Stay strong and keep pushing. Don’t give up no matter how hard it gets.”
  • “You’re going to be okay. You’ve done this before, you’ve done it a thousand times. It’s hard, but you always get through it. You know you do. You’re going to be okay.”
  • “I struggle with depression and anxiety, but lately I have been having a difficult time dealing with my anger in a good way. I would tell someone else struggling with this to contain their anger but that’s bullshit. It’s not that easy. It’s okay to burst into anger sometimes. Just remember if you make a mistake by not being able to control how you express your emotions, it is your responsibility to at least try to patch things up with an apology and awareness of your problem. Just remember: mistakes don’t define you.”
  • “I would say you can get through this; no matter how bad things are now, you will move on someday and you’ll have the chance to freely be who you are. Don’t let your situation now destroy your hope for the future.”
  • “Just get through it day by day, and seek help instead of trying to do everything yourself. Talk therapy helps me sort out everything that’s been going on and helps me figure out what I’m feeling. I struggle with anxiety, depression, and social anxiety.”
  • “Every day, I challenge not letting depression rule over me and fighting anxiety. My greatest piece of advice is to always have hope. It’s often difficult to see the silver lining or to realize that the sun still rises every day and the birds sing and the buildings still sand. That life goes on, and you must go on too. Live. Even though it’s hard, it does get better. Also, if you find that no one needs you (even though there are people somewhere that do and care), screw them and start to love yourself. You are a beautiful human being who doesn’t’ have to be cherished by others just to show the world how important you are. You can do that on your own. Show the world who you are. And don’t be afraid.”
  • “Don’t worry about being judged. You are amazing. Take it one step at a time. If you struggle with social anxiety, try to to talk to at least one person a day, and maybe increase it. This is stuff I should be telling myself.”