Stigma App Reviews

Improve Your Mental Health, Build Your Support Network, and Track Your Mood

ashmi pathela

Stigma is one of the highest rated apps in the App Store for improving your mental health and building your support network. Inspired by our personal struggles with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder, we created this tool to help people become more aware of their mood and what influences it. Today, tens of thousands of people use Stigma to connect with peers who are dealing with similar struggles.

We’re proud to have created a warm and supportive community as part of our greater mission to make this world a little less lonely and reduce the stigma around mental health. Stigma was also recently featured by Refinery29 as one of the best mood tracker apps.

But don’t just take our word for it - here’s what our community loves about Stigma:


Best App for Mental Health

"I've tried out different mood apps in the past, but none of them were like Stigma. I love how Stigma gives you the opportunity to anonymously talk with other people who share the same illnesses as you. It makes the experience so much richer, and it has really helped me open up more. Before, I never used to talk about what was happening with me to anyone except my therapist. I'm fairly new to this app, but so far it's helped me keep track of my moods and notice patterns in myself that I hadn't noticed before, all while helping me make new friends who listen and understand what I'm feeling and what I'm going through. I'd highly recommend this app to anyone."

"I've been using this amazing tool for a few months, and it has quickly become one of the most used apps on my phone. Daily mood tracking and journaling has helped me become more mindful of my internal state. I love looking back at my mood calendar and analytics to see patterns in my mood and what impacts it. Excited to see this app continue to evolve. Highly recommend! 😊"

"I just downloaded this app a few days ago, and I've already noticed a difference."

"This app is for helping people. And it blows away any other app I've tried. Good friends can be found in this app as well as people who will walk you through the hell you may be going through now. This app is for the good of everyone, keep up the good work! 👍"


"Stigma is a great app for community-building and support. I've met some great friends that are across the country, but are within "arms-reach" through this app. I seriously love this app!"

"Stigma saved my life. Thank you so much. The amount of vulnerability on the platform and the community's will to help is definitely representative of our sensitivity and love for each other. Keep it up! ❤️✨❤️"

"I give Stigma 5 stars for the amazing people I’ve had the chance to talk with. It's essentially a community of people who know almost exactly what you're going through. I'm truly grateful for this app, and it just keeps getting better with each update!"

"Stigma is the best app I have ever downloaded! I met people just like me (with anxiety and depression). You can talk, but it's anonymous besides their bio. Not to mention it connects you with peers who are around your age!"

"I've never reviewed an app, but this one has been so helpful to me. Within a day after downloading, I met a few new friends who were empathetic and kind. It's given me an instant support system of sorts and it's nice to know everyone is here for similar reasons! Some friends are from different countries and a few are only a half hour away so potentially meeting some is possible. I was really struggling when I downloaded this, and while my problems are far from gone, talking to people in this app has helped lift a lot of the weight. I can't recommend this app enough! If you deal with depression and anxiety and need a safe supportive place, this is a great avenue to explore. :)"

Responsive Team

"I loved using Stigma from day one. It makes journaling (something I've always tried to do) so easy and hassle-free. Their staff is also phenomenal! I had a problem, and messaged them about it. Within a few hours, I had a response and a solution, truly amazing! They also listen to what users recommend and want in their private Facebook group, showing they truly care about improving Stigma. I highly recommend it!!"

"Stigma was thoughtfully developed. The app's support is unbelievably on point. They have always resolved my issues in an exceptionally timely manner! Anyway, try it for yourself. It's great!!"

Amazing Design & User Experience

"I just had to review this app because I have seen many different mental health apps, but this one is special. Runs very smoothly, layout is nice, idea is amazing, your anonymity is completely conserved. Works flawlessly and facilitates communication. So much for a free app!"

"I am forever grateful for how helpful this app has been for tracking my mood and understanding patterns in my mental illness. The colors and word clouds have helped me identify what I'm thinking about the most, so I know what might be causing different moods."

"From someone who has struggled with mental illness for a couple years now, Stigma is probably one of the best apps that has been created to give a new perspective to help with anxiety and other disorders using technology. I love how I can write journals and see patterns on what I worry about and my highs and lows. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to try something new to help. We all know we can use a different method."